Saturday, 13 December 2014

Wool In - Hats Out

Yes,  progress is being made; 5 hats have been made for colleagues at work and three more have been order via etsy.

So, in the last couple of weeks I've made and sold two Minions, two foxes and a tiger for work colleagues:


And a shark and another fox for an etsy order. Foxes do seem to be the animal du jour, this winter. I have no idea why.
I still have a penguin to make (almost finished) then, that's it for Christmas orders!

Getting stuff out of the house is progressing; I sold this on our local Facebook selling page this afternoon, which freed up a chunk of room in Mini CC's bedroom. I thought there was going to be tears as it was collected (I was trying to get it out of the door without her noticing), but a swift box of smarties proved a distraction!

Also did some re-cycling to make Mini CC's nativity costume - she has been cast as "a Traveller". At the inn, I presume.
Didn't have much time, so an old pillowcase (bought from a charity shop a while ago when a friend with a child a couple of years older warned me about the number of costumes that would be required & the fact that you can make most of them from a pillowcase) had a head and arm holes cut into it to make the main outfit.
Tea-towel on head held in place with elastic headband & a belt made from stuff in my "braids and cords" craft stuff box.
Job done.

Right, back to that penguin hat.