About Carrot Cruncher

First of all, what's a Carrot Cruncher? Well, much as I like to crunch the odd carrot or two from time to time, this is not the blog of a mono-vegetarian who is a fetching shade of orange and has amazing night vision.

Me, on a bad hair day
No, a Carrot Cruncher, as defined by Wikitionary and by me, is someone from a rural background.

Well, that's me. Born and brought up in East Anglia, I now live in fairly-rural Surrey with my family attempting to live on as little as possible while still having fun, eating well, drinking wine, crafting and heading towards my long-term goal - a mortgage-free home!

Sadly, the later is a long way off (unless Ernie, the Great God of the Premium Bond smiles upon me), but please do tag along and join the fun as I head that way!

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