Thursday, 27 November 2014

Not Exactly a Flying Start

Right, we need to talk about my wool stash. And about how I wasn't going to be buying any more.

Obviously, I wasn't counting the wool I had already won on eBay, what with that being a legally binding contract (and soooo cheap! Only £4.00 for 9 balls - 3 of them bamboo, which is my favourite)
Isn't it lovely? So stroke-able. And, a small enough package to be able to
 sneak into the house, without it being spotted!
And then I got ran out of Minion Yellow (aka Stylecraft Special DK in Citron) for the two hats a colleague at work has ordered. And I'm almost out of Fox Brown (aka Stylecraft Special DK in Cinnamon) for another order, so, as I'm on holiday this week Miss CarrotCruncher and I had a trip to Liss Wools. Wow. It was like the Mother Ship calling the Pod home.

So, the yellow and the brown can be excused. Miss CC fell in love with the variegated stuff. And the other two sort of fell into my bag.
What can I say? This is not going as well as I had hoped.
On the plus side, a fairly unpleasant table cloth, two tea strainers (we have three; I have no idea why, we don't drink leaf tea) a pair of jeans and some of Miss CC's clothes have gone on the Charity Shop pile or into the recycling bin.
The Shelf of Doom remains untouched, but I did finish off a bag of Gummy Bears, which I think we can all agree is progress.



  1. Yes, indeed, that's progress, in the rawest form. It's so hard to get rid of stuff that I find myself wondering why I have so much and how I got it all. And what would happen if it all just disappeared...

    1. I know! Progress has been a little better over the last day or two. Would I love it or hat it if it all disappeared? Interesting question......