Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Two Random Thoughts....................

Random Thought Number One:
I'm gearing up for The Great British Bake Off, as all sensible people who can watch the BBC should be. As usual, I am preparing by thinking "hmmmm, I should make a cake", so I go and get my Mary Berry Ultimate Cake Book

and start flicking through, looking to see if I have all the ingredients for any of them.

And I notice, nearly all the recipes call for "Unsalted Butter" (which I don't have in stock and rarely buy, I use either salted or cooking margarine), but then go on to add "a teaspoon of salt".

Ehh? I had sometimes pondered if my cakes would be better if I used unsalted butter, but now can't see they point, giving I'm adding salt back in.

Random Thought Number Two:

I am an avid recycler. Nothing goes in my "normal" bin, if I can recycle or reuse it. Also, we now have food recycling here, once a week, which is great.

We didn't use to have much in the way of food waste when we had a dog, as he recycled it all for us.

We do still have a cat (more stories about her to follow) and today she presented me with one of these:

Nice. She was roundly scolded by Carrot Girl "Naughty Catty! You did spit a bird out of your mouth!"

Carrot-Man backed off rapidly, Carrot-Girl pretended to be revolted but kept coming back for a look, so it was left to me to deal with it (the cat having long since got bored and wandered off).

So, (random thought), dead birds are food waste, right?

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  1. I always wondered the same thing about the butter...lol. I use whichever I have on hand.